Executive Information
  • Mr. Prinya Hom-anek
    Independent Director
Personal Infomation

Current Position

Independent Director


Honorary Doctor of Science in Information Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi

Master of Business Administration, Assumption University

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University


Chairman of the Executive Committee, ACIS Professional Center Company Limited

Chairman of the Executive Committee, Cybertron Company Limited

National Cybersecurity Committee

Committee in the Supervisory Board of the Office of the Personal Data Protection Board

Extraordinary Commissioner considering the draft Personal Data Protection Act and Cybersecurity Act

Independent Director, Member of the Audit Committee, Member of the Risk Committee, Member of the Information Technology Supervisory Board, TMB Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited

Subcommittee in the Standards and Governance Subcommittee under the Electronic Transactions Committee

Committee in the Personnel Discipline Committee in Digital Asset Business, Securities and Exchange Commission

Advisor, Office of the Ombudsman

Advisor, Office of the Civil Service Commission