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Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Public Organization) (NEDA)


Press Release
NEDA Assessed the Results of the R11 Project.

Colonel Sarunyu Wiriyavejkul, the Deputy Director of the Office of Neighboring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency(Public Organization) (NEDA) participated in a joint evaluation of the project to investigate the benefits and impacts of the completed projects which are the Road Development Project No. 11, Lao PDR, Ban Tad Thong - Nam Sang Area and Muang Sangthong, and the road construction project from Phu Du (Ban Khok District, Uttaradit Province) - Pak Lai City, Chaiyaburi District, Lao PDR with the representatives of the Highway Department and the Public Debt Protection Department, Lao PDR in which both parties had a consistent opinion and mutually agreed on the overall project evaluation results on July 4h, 2022.