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NEDA Assessed the Results of the R11 Project.
By: รัฐฐา ธนันท์พรพงษ์
  • 18 Jul. 2565
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Colonel Sarunyu Wiriyavejkul, the Deputy Director of the Office of Neighboring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency(Public Organization) (NEDA) participated in a joint evaluation of the project to investigate the benefits and impacts of the completed projects which are the Road Development Project No. 11, Lao PDR, Ban Tad Thong - Nam Sang Area and Muang Sangthong, and the road construction project from Phu Du (Ban Khok District, Uttaradit Province) - Pak Lai City, Chaiyaburi District, Lao PDR with the representatives of the Highway Department and the Public Debt Protection Department, Lao PDR in which both parties had a consistent opinion and mutually agreed on the overall project evaluation results on July 4h, 2022.